About Us

Wings ‘N More® was founded by Mark Dennard in 1986. For nine years, Mark Dennard played football in the NFL. Seven of those years were spent with the Miami Dolphins and two with the Philadelphia Eagles. During his time in Miami, Mark was introduced to the concept of “buffalo style” chicken wings. He soon became a huge fan of those delicious, spicy wings. Travels during football seasons enabled him to sample many interpretations of the wings, though he realized that the best were found in Miami. Their superiority was unquestionable.

The wing concept was in its infancy in the deep south, and they were nowhere to be found in Mark’s home state of Texas. Mark and his family were disappointed with the lack of availability of wings while spending the off-season at home in Texas. By the time he retired from football, he made the decision to open his first wings restaurant in Houston. The business started slowly, but steadily grew as the wings gained acceptance and acquired a loyal and ever increasing following. In the years following, Wings ‘N More® restaurants won many awards, including “Best Wings over Houston” and “Favorite Wings Restaurant in College Station.”

There are currently two Wings ‘N More Restaurant & Bar locations. In 2008, Mark and his son, Wes, made the strategic decision to take the Brand to new markets and new points of distribution. This decision led to the development of Wings ‘N More Express®, a dine-in quick service concept. There are now multiple Wings ‘N More Express® locations across the state of Texas.